Awi Rabelista

Awi is creative producer, cinematographer and film director at Eyenovate. He is a member of Film Team Six: our film crew who is specialised in operating in rough (high altitude) terrain and remote and wilderness environments. His background in wilderness survival and experience in adventure filmmaking makes him a self-reliant and allround creative.

His film projects took him to remote places in the world: from the deserts in Namibia, the mountains in Yemen, the arctic tundra in Norway to the jungle in the Philippines. Awi’s ability to operate in extreme cold weather conditions (-40 degrees Celcius) and extreme hot weather conditions (50 degrees Celcius) makes him a versatile and adaptable creative.

He is a qualified scuba diver (rescue qualified), skydiver, medical first responder, and currently in training to become an international mountain leader.

Creative director
Awi has worked as a creative content director and filmmaker in the content marketing industry and knows exactly how to distribute content effectively over the web.